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Conclusion —The principal facts indicated by the returns appear to be:—

  1. A general increase since 1901 in the proportion of monoglot English, a corresponding decrease of monoglot Welsh, and a practically unchanged proportion of persons speaking both languages.
  2. A comparative excess of English-speaking persons at the young adult ages, and of Welsh-speaking persons at advanced ages; of monoglot Welsh both in infancy and in old age; and of bilinguals at ages 45-65.
  3. That comparing the two sexes, there is:—
    1. A greater proportion of the male population speaking English only.
    2. A greater proportion of the female population speaking Welsh only,
    3. A greater proportion of the female population speaking both languages.
  4. A proportional diminution of monoglot Welsh greater among persons aged 15-25 and less among those aged 65 and upwards than at any other age-periods.
  5. An increase in the proportion of bilinguals in the predominantly Welsh-speaking counties and a decrease in the predominantly English-speaking counties.
  6. A well marked geographical distribution of the Welsh-speaking population.

In conclusion, we would again refer briefly to the difficulty of defining the terms of the question as to the language spoken, and would express the hope that, if it is found desirable to continue this subject of inquiry, the returns may be made with fewer omissions than on the present occasion.

  We have the honour to be,
    Your most obedient servants,
       BERNARD MALLET, Registrar-General
       T. H. C. STEVENSON.
T. A. SAUNDERS, Acting Secretary.

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