Colonials and Naturalised British Subjects

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Some details relating to persons born in British colonies and dependencies and enumerated in Scotland are collected in Tables XII and XIII. They number in all 17,890, of whom 8,851 are male and 9,039 female. In 1901, male colonials enumerated in Scotland numbered 7,477, and female 8,430, the total amounting to 15,907. There has thus been an increase of 1,374 in the number of colonial males, of 609 in the number of colonial females, and of 1,983 in the total colonial-born section of the population.

Those born in European colonies and dependencies numbered 830, and were 35 fewer than in 1901; those born in Asiatic colonies and dependencies numbered 7,232, and were 1,187 more than in 1901; those born in African colonies and dependencies numbered 2,816, and were 1,114 more than in 1901; those born in American colonies and dependencies numbered 3,794, and were 301 fewer than in 1901; and those born in Australasian colonies and dependencies numbered 3,038, and were 160 fewer than in 1901. In the case of 180 persons the description, though indicating colonial birth, did not state the colony of birth.

Of those born in Asiatic colonies and dependencies, 6,290 were born in India, 3,349 of them being males and 2,941 females. Of these males, 2,713, and of these females, 2,931, were of European origin, while 636 males and 10 females were of other than European origin. Of those of Indian birth and of non-European origin, 264 were enumerated in Glasgow, 117 elsewhere in Lanarkshire, 106 in Edinburgh, and 71 in Dundee.


IN all 1,798 persons were described in the householders' schedules as being of foreign birth but naturalised British subjects. In 1901, the corresponding figure was 1,287, and thus persons so described at this census numbered 511 more than ten years previously. Of the persons so returned in 1901, 794 were males and 493 females; males show an intercensal increase of 223, and females of 288.

Of the naturalised British subjects, 1,451 were born in Europe, 24 in Asia, 9 in Africa, and 301 in America, while in 13 instances the birthplace was insufficiently described. Compared with the corresponding figure of 1901, naturalised British subjects of European birth are 343 more; of American birth, 146 more; of Asiatic birth, 14 more; and of African birth, 4 more.

Of the 1,451 naturalised subjects of European birth, the largest numbers were born in Russia, including Poland, 591; Germany, 394; Italy, 102; Sweden, 58; France, 56; Norway, 56; Denmark, 46; Austria-Hungary, 43; and Switzerland, 43. Of the 301 naturalised British subjects of American birth, 269 were born in the United States.

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