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Tables of the Population and Houses enumerated in England and Wales, and in the Islands in the British Seas, on 8th April, 1861
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Tables of Population and Houses
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1861 L, 855
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1 Population enumerated in England and Wales and in the Islands in the British Seas on April 8th, 1861 5
2 Houses and Population Enumerated in England and Wales in 1861 and 1851 5
3 England and Wales. Population at each of the Censuses 1801-61, including the Army, Navy, and Merchant Seamen, Abroad as well as at Home, belonging to England and Wales, Actual Increase, and Rates of Increase, in the Decennial Periods. 5
4 England and Wales. Number of Houses Enumerated at each of the Censuses 1801-61. 5
5 Houses and Population enumerated in the Counties (Proper) in 1851 and 1861. 6 - 7