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Area, Houses and Population: Administrative and Ancient Counties
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1893-94 civ, 1

Tables in the Preface

Table No: Title Page(s)
1 England and Wales:- Houses and Population enumerated in 1881 and 1891 5
2 England and Wales:-Population, including the English and Welsh portions of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Merchant Seamen serving out of England and Wales at the date of the Census in 1891 5
3 Administrative Counties and County Boroughs; Area, Houses and Population in 1891 6 - 7
4 Ancient Counties; Area, Houses and Population in 1891 8
5 Parliamentary Counties and Boroughs, and their Divisions; Inhabited Houses and population in 1891 9 - 18
6 Municipal Boroughs: Area, and Inhabited Houses and Population in 1881 and 1891 19 - 23
7 Ecclesiastical Provinces and Dioceses:- Inhabited houses and population in 1891 24
8 Ecclesiastical Dioceses:- Inhabited Houses and Population in 1891 in the ancient counties, or parts of such counties, comprised within each Diocese 25 - 31
9 Civil Parishes situated in more than one Administrative Area 32 - 36

Tables in the main report

Table No: Title Page(s)
1 Ancient County; Area, Houses and Population 1
2 Parliamentary Divisions and Boroughs; Area, Houses, and Population  
3 Relation of the Administrative County to the Ancient County  
4 Administrative Counties and County Boroughs  
5 Municipal Boroughs and their Wards; Houses and Population  
6 Petty Sessional Divisions, and Boroughs having separate Courts of Quarter Sessions or Separate Commissions of the Peace; Area, Houses, and Population  
7 Civil Parishes or Townships in the Administrative county and County Boroughs; Inhabited Houses, Families or Separate Occupiers, and Population  
8 Ecclesiastical Parishes or Districts in the Ancient County; Inhabited Houses and Population, 1891