Full Title:
Census Returns relating to Islands in the British Seas; Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and adjacent Islands
Short Title:
Islands in the British Seas
Year of Publication:
Command Number:
Cd. 1473
BPP Reference:
1903 LXXXIV, 313

Tables in the main report

Table No: Title Page(s)
1 Area; Houses and Population at each Successive Census, with Increase or Decrease per cent. of Population during each Intercensal Period 1
2 Civil Parishes - Area; Houses and Population in 1891 and 1901 1
3 Total Tenements, and Tenements of less than Five Rooms, distinguishing those occupied by various Numbers of Persons, 1891 and 1901 3
4 Ecclesiastical Parishes or Districts - Inhabited Houses and Population, 1901 4
5 Persons enumerated on board Vessels on the night of 31st March, 1901 4
6 Persons enumerated in Military Barracks, etc., and on H.M. Ships in Home Waters, 1901 5
7 Persons enumerated in Public Institutions, 1901 5
8 Number of Births and Deaths registered in each of the Years 1891-1900 5
9 Ages of Persons, Males and Females, 1901 6
10 Condition as to Marriage, and Ages of Persons, Males and Females, 1901 7
11 Ages of Husbands and Wives in Combination; of Husbands whose Wives were Absent, of Wives whose Husbands were Absent, and of Widowers and Widows, 1901 8
12 Occupations of Males and Females aged 10 Years and Upwards, distinguishing for Females the Unmarried and the Married or Widowed, 1901 9
13 Occupations of Males and Females aged 10 and under 14 Years, 1901 13
14 Former Occupations of "Pensioners" and "Retired," distinguishing those enumerated in Institutions, and also, for Females, the Unmarried and the Married or Widowed, 1901 13
15 Occupations (Condensed List) of Males and Females aged Ten Years and upwards, at Five Groups of Ages, in the Principal Town, etc., 1901 14
16 Birthplaces of Males and Females, 1901 16
17 The Blind, the Deaf and Dumb, the Deaf, and the Insane, 1901. - Condition as to Marriage and Ages of Males and Females returned as Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Deaf, Lunatic, and Imbecile or Feeble-Minded: also of Persons suffering from "Combined Infirmities" 17
18 Language Spoken (as returned in the Occupiers' Schedules) by Males and Females, aged Three Years and upwards, at five Groups of Ages, 1901 18