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Census Returns of England and Wales, 1911, giving details of Areas, Houses, Families or separate occupiers, and Population:- Parliamentary Areas
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Area, Families and Population Parliamentary Areas
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1912-13 cxii, 1

Tables in the main report

Table No: Title Page(s)
1 England and Wales - Families or separate occupiers; population; decennial increase per cent. of population; and number of Females to 1,000 Males at each census, 1801-1911 1
2 Parliamentary Counties - Area, and population at each successive census 2
3 Parliamentary Counties and Boroughs, and their several divisions - Area; Families or separate occupiers, 1911; population, 1901 and 1911; and number of electors, 1901 and 1911 4
4 Constitution of Parliamentary Boroughs by civil parishes, and differences between Parliamentary and Municipal Boroughs - Area; families or separate occupiers and population, 1911 17
5 Number and home ports of persons absent at sea on fishing vessels at the date of the census 43