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County Report

This report consists of a series of separate publications, as listed below, but each has the same set of tables.

Tables in the main report

Table No: Title  
1 Population, 1801-1921, and intercensal variations  
2 Population, 1901-1921, and intercensal variations  
3 Population, Acreage, Private Families and Dwellings  
4 Population, Acreage, and certain age groups  
5 Population and Constitution by local government areas.  
6 Intercensal Changes in Boundaries, 1911-21  
7 Population and Parliamentary Electors  
8 Constitution by local government areas  
9 Population, Acreage and Constitution  
10 Buildings, Dwellings, Rooms and Families  
11 Private Families and Rooms Occupied  
12 Institutions  
13 Ages (individual years)  
14 Ages (quinquennial groups) and Marital Conditions in combination  
14A Ages (quinquennial groups) and Marital Conditions in combination  
15 Education  
16 Occupations  
17 Occupations (Condensed list)  
18 Occupations (Condensed list) by Marital Condition, Industrial Status and 12 Age Groups  
19 Proportion of Occupied to total persons in various age groups 1911 and 1921  
20 Proportion of Single, Married, Widowed, and of Employers, Workers, etc., in various groups of Occupations  
21 Birthplaces  
22 Foreign born Population by Country of Birth and Nationality  
23 Dependency. Number and Distribution of Families (Children under 16) by Age and Marital Condition of Parent and Size of Family  
24 Orphanhood of Children aged less than 15, in age groups  
24A Orphanhood of Children aged under 15  

This report consists of a series of separate publications: