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County Report Part I

This report consists of a series of separate publications, as listed below, but each has the same set of tables.

Tables in the main report

Table No: Title  
1 Population and Acreage, 1801-1931, and intercensal variations  
2 Population, 1911-1931, and intercensal variations  
3 Population, Acreage, Private Families and Dwellings  
4 Intercensal Changes in Boundaries, 1921-31  
5 Detached Parts  
6 Comparison of Census and Resident Populations  
7 Population and Parliamentary Electors  
8 Constitution by Local Government Areas  
9 Population, Acreage and Constitution  
10 Dwellings, Rooms and Families  
11 Private Families and Rooms Occupied  
12 Non-Private Families - Population and Habitations  
13 Institutions and Special Premises  
14 Ages (quinquennial groups) and Marital Conditions  
15 Ages and Marital Conditions - Abridged Analysis  
16 Ages (individual years) under 21  

This report consists of a series of separate publications: