Full Title:
Report on Greater London and Five Other Conurbations (Laid before Parliament pursuant to Section 4 (1), Census Act, 1920)
Short Title:
Report on Greater London and Five Other Conurbations
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Tables in the main report

Table No: ThemeGeography Page(s)
1 Population 1871-1951, and Intercensal Variations Greater London 6
2 Population 1921-1951, and Intercensal Variations Greater London 6
3 Acreage, Population, Private Households and Dwellings Greater London 8
10 Dwellings, Rooms and Households Greater London 9
11 Private Households by Size, Rooms Occupied and Density of Occupation in (a) All dwellings (b) Shared dwellings Greater London 18
12 Private Households by Density of Occupation (Persons per Room) Greater London 30
13 Private Households according to possession of certain Household Arrangements Greater London 31
15 Private Households by Marital Condition, Age and Sex of Head Greater London 43
16 Population in Non-Private Households by Habitations Greater London 44
17 Institutions and Special Premises: Number, Total Population and Inmates Greater London 45
18 Hotels and Boarding Houses with 10 or more rooms, by Rooms and Population Content Greater London 49
19 Birthplaces and Nationalities of all Population Greater London 50
20 Birthplaces of England and Wales Residents born outside the United Kingdom, Islands of the British Seas and the Irish Republic Greater London 56
21 Ages (quinary) by Marital Condition Greater London 62
23 Ages (single years) under 21 Greater London 70
24 Persons in Full-Time Attendance at an Educational Establishment Greater London 71
25 Occupied Population in 3 Age Sections by 5 Terminal Education Ages Greater London 73
27 Social Class distribution of Occupied Males aged 15 and over Greater London 75