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Abstracts of the Answers and Returns Made pursuant to an Act, passed in the Forty-first Year of His Majesty King George III. Intituled, "An Act for taking an Account of the Population "of Great Britain, and the Increase or "Diminution thereof." Parish Registers
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Abstracts of the Answers and Returns: Parish Registers
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140, 9, 112
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1801-2 vi, vii, 813
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Tables in the main report

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[1] Parish Registers  
[2] Parish Registers Summary  

Tables in Supplment I

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[1] Supplement containing a Summary of such Returns as were not received in Time to be inserted in their respective Places 449

Tables in Appendix A

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1 Parish Registers 441
2 Parish Registers 443
3 Parish Registers 445
4 Parish Registers 446
5 Parish Registers 447
6 Parish Registers 448