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Religious Worship (England and Wales); Report; particular notices of different churches; spiritual provision and destitution, &c.
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Religious Worship. England and Wales
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1852-53 lxxxix, 1

Tables in the main report

Table No: Title Page(s)
A Accomodation and Attendance in England and Wales 106
B Accomodation and Attendance in Registration Divisions  
C Places of Worship, Sittings, and Attendants, in Counties  
S_A Supplement to Tables A, B, and C. of Defective Returns, Showing for each Division and County of England and Wales, the Number of Places of Worship (mentioned in the previous Tables A., B., and C.) from which, though open on the Census-Sunday no return of Sittings was received  
D Dates at which existing Places of Worship in each County were erected, or appropriated to Religious Uses  
E Accommodation in Dioceses 112
F Accomodation and Attendance in Large Towns and Boroughs 113
FF Accomodation in town districts as compared with the rest of England 134
G Comparative strength of different bodies in each County 136
H Proportion of Sittings to Population in the Registration Divisions, Counties, and Districts of England and Wales. Showing the amount of Accomodation already provided, and the additional amount required  
I Selection of Districts with most and least accomodation respectively 138
K Comparative Position of the Church of England and the Dissenting Churches in different parts of the Country 139
L Number of Services held by each religious body at different portions of day 140
M Extent to which each body makes use of its accommodation 141
N Number of attendants at the most frequented Services 142

Tables in Supplment I

Table No: Title Page(s)
A Showing the total Accomodation provided by each Religious Body; including Estimates for defective Returns 109

Tables in Supplement II

Table No: Title Page(s)
A Showing the total number of Attendants at Public Worship, in connection with each Religious Body; including Estimates for defective Returns  

Tables in Supplement III

Table No: Title Page(s)
A Showing the Total Number of Sittings in the Places open for Worship on Sunday, March 30, 1851; including an Estimate for those Cases in which the Number of Sittings was not returned