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Eleventh Decennial Census of the Population of Scotland taken 31st March 1901, with Report
Short Title:
Population of Scotland with Report: Population of various types of areas, Houses
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Cd. 1257
BPP Reference:
1902 CXXIX, 687

Tables in the Preface

The Vision of Britain system holds no content from any of the tables in this part of the report.

Tables in the main report

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1_1 Scotland in Civil Counties and Parishes, the Parishes being in alphabetical order under each County and arranged in two sub-divisions: The number of Families, of Houses Inhabited, Uninhabited, and Building; the number of the total Population and of Persons of each Sex; the number of Persons aged three years and upwards, speaking Gaelic only, and Gaelic and English; the number of Rooms with Windows, for each Parish, on 31st March, 1901; and for comparison, the number of Families, Houses, Males, Females, and both Sexes, and Rooms with Windows in 1891 1