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County Report

This report consists of a series of separate publications, as listed below, but each has the same set of tables.

Tables in the main report

Table No: Title  
1 Population of Burghs, County Public Health Districts, and Civil Parishes of XXXXX in 1921 and in 1911  
2 Population of Burghs since 1801  
3 Population of Civil Parishes since 1801  
4 Particulars of Burghs  
5 Particulars of Civil Parishes  
6 Population of Registration Districts  
7 Particulars of Registration Districts  
8 Population of Ecclesiastical Parishes  
9 Population of Special Water Districts  
10 Population of Special Drainage Districts  
11 Population of Special Lighting Districts  
12 Population of Special Scavenging Districts  
13 Population of Inhabited Islands  
14 Population of Parliamentary Constituencies  
15 Population of County Districts and Electoral Divisions  
16 Particulars of County Public Health Districts  
17 Age Distribution, with Orphanhood or Conjugal Condition  
18 Age Distribution by Age-Groups  
19 Age and Conjugal Condition - Males  
20 Age and Conjugal Condition - Females  
21 Age Distribution - Public Health Districts  
22 Age-Group Distribution by Sex and Conjugal Condition - Public Health Districts  
23 Occupations  
24 Industries  
25 Birthplaces  
26 Gaelic-Speaking Persons  
27 Housing Conditions - Public Health Districts  
28 Housing Conditions - Civil Parishes  
29 Persons per 100 Rooms, 1861-1921, - Burghs  
30 Sub-letting of Houses  
31 Population by Number Enumerated per Room - Public Health Districts  
32 Institutions  

This report consists of a series of separate publications: