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Occupations and Industries (with some particulars of (a) the extent to which perple live in one area but work in another, and (b) occupations in relation to school leaving age). (Laid before Parliament pursuant to Section 4 (1), Census Act, 1920)
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Occupations and Industries
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Table No: ThemeGeography Page(s)
1 Occupations of Males and of Females by Industrial Status and showing also Social Class and Socio-Economic Group to which each occupation is classified   2
2 Occupations of Males and of Females by Age and Conjugal Condition with Industrial Status Aggregates   46
3 Occupations of Single, Married, and Widowed (including Divorced) Females by Age-Group   90
4 Occupations of Unpaid Family Workers by Age and Conjugal Condition   146
5 Former Occupations of Retired Males and Females by Age and Conjugal Condition   148
6 Occupations of Males and of Females by Administrative, etc., Areas, showing also Industrial Status Aggregates   186
7 Occupations of Juveniles at four age periods between 15 and 20 by Administrative, etc. Areas   312
8 Occupations of Married Females by Administrative, etc. Areas   376
9 Social Class distribution of Males, Single Women, Widowed (including Divorced) Women and Married Women (based on husband's occupation) by Age   394
10 Social Class distribution of Males and Females (occupied and retired) by Administrative, etc. Areas   396
11 Occupants of Resident Population born in Commonwealth Countries, Colonies, etc., Irish Republic, Foreign Countries and at Sea, with nationality of persons born in foreign countries or at sea   398
12 Industry of Males and Females by Industrial Status   408
13 Industry of Occupied Population by place of work Cities, Counties and Large Burghs 434
14 Gainfully Occupied Population by Industry Orders and Selected Industries or Groups, with Functional and Status Divisions, Principal Occupations and Age-Groups   470
15 Numbers travelling to work in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Paisley, Greenock and Motherwell and Winshaw, with approximate distances and travelling times involved   614
16 Occupied Population in 5 Age sections classified by 5 Terminal Education Ages, Occupation Orders and Sub-Orders   628
17 Occupied Population classified according to 11 terminal educational ages, (a) Scotland by 9 age sections and (b) Administrative, etc. Areas by All Ages   652