1911 Census of England and Wales, General Report with Appendices, Table 35 : " Commercial Travellers; Summary of Distribution by Industry or Service".

Order. Industry or Service. Males. Order. Industry or Service. Males.
IX. Mines and Quarries:—        
         Coal and Coke 1,063 XVIII. Textile Fabrics:—  
         Stone, Slate, etc 373          Drapers 5,953
               Others 5,979
X. Metals, Machines, etc 9,684      
      XIX. Dress:—  
XI. Precious Metals, Jewellery, etc 2,768          Hats and Caps 998
               Clothiers, Outfitters, etc 3,260
XII. Building and Works of Construction 170          Boots and Shoes 1,366
        Others 598
XIII. Wood, Furniture, Fittings, etc.:—        
         Furniture, Fittings, and Decorations 1,931 XIX. Food, Tobacco, Drink  
         Wood and Bark 1,474          Provision Dealers, etc 2,283
               Corn Merchants, etc 2,906
XIV. Brick, Cement, Pottery, and Glass 1,483          Bakers, Confectioners 2,130
               Grocers, etc 7,457
XV. Chemicals, Oil, Grease, Soap, etc.:—            Tobacco 1,403
         Chemicals 3,082          Brewers 2,824
         Others 5,609          Wine, Spirit Merchants ; Distillers, etc 2,007
               Others 1,763
XVI. Skins, Leather, Hair, and Feathers 2,138      
XXI. &
}Sundry Specified Industries or Services 3,029
XVII. Paper, Prints, Books, and Stationery:—  
         Paper and Stationery 3,978
         Printers, Bookbinders, etc 2,271      
         Book, Print, Newspaper–Publishers, Sellers 1,491 Industry or Service not stated 4,359