Category : Other

Categories are the components of variables, so if a variable measures age then the categories are the age groups used, such as '10 to 14'.

Category (C)

Category " Other " is contained within:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_CROP_GEN Generalised Crop Categories

Category " Other " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_CROP1801_9 Turnips
C_CROP1801_10 Rape
C_CROP1801_11 Turnips or Rape
C_CROP1801_13 Barley & Rye
C_CROP1801_14 Cabbages
C_CROP1801_15 Cabbages & Vetches
C_CROP1801_16 Carrots
C_CROP1801_17 Cinque Foil
C_CROP1801_18 Cole
C_CROP1801_19 Coleseed
C_CROP1801_20 Colewort
C_CROP1801_21 Dill
C_CROP1801_22 Flax
C_CROP1801_23 Grey Peas
C_CROP1801_24 Hemp
C_CROP1801_25 Hops
C_CROP1801_26 Lentils
C_CROP1801_27 Lime & Rape
C_CROP1801_28 Maslin
C_CROP1801_29 Muncorn
C_CROP1801_30 Mustard
C_CROP1801_31 Mustard Seed
C_CROP1801_32 Oats & Beans
C_CROP1801_33 Oats & Lentils
C_CROP1801_34 Oats & Peas
C_CROP1801_35 Oats, Peas & Beans
C_CROP1801_36 Onions
C_CROP1801_37 Peas & Lentils
C_CROP1801_38 Peas & Oats
C_CROP1801_39 Peas & Tares
C_CROP1801_40 Peas & Vetches
C_CROP1801_41 Potatoes & Turnips
C_CROP1801_42 Potatoes, Peas, Beans, Turnips or Rape & Rye
C_CROP1801_43 Pulse
C_CROP1801_44 Rape & Mustard
C_CROP1801_45 Rye & Barley
C_CROP1801_46 Rye & French Wheat
C_CROP1801_47 Rye & Vetches
C_CROP1801_48 Rye & Wheat
C_CROP1801_49 Rye or Maslin
C_CROP1801_50 Tares
C_CROP1801_51 Tares or Vetches
C_CROP1801_52 Turnip & Colewort
C_CROP1801_53 Turnips & Cabbages
C_CROP1801_54 Turnips & Vetches
C_CROP1801_55 Turnips or Cabbages
C_CROP1801_56 Turnips or Clover
C_CROP1801_57 Turnips or Rape or Cabbages
C_CROP1801_58 Vetches
C_CROP1801_59 Vetches or Tares
C_CROP1801_60 Wheat & Rye
C_CROP1801_61 Wheat, Barley & Oats
C_CROP1801_62 White Peas
C_CROP1801_63 Winter Tares
C_CROP1801_64 Woad
C_CROP1801_65 Other
C_AGCEN_CROP_GEN_7 Turnips & Swedes
C_AGCEN_CROP_GEN_9 Cabbage, Rape, etc
C_AGCEN_CROP_GEN_11 Bare Fallow
C_AGCEN_CROP_GEN_12 Clover & Rotation Grasses
C_AGCEN_CROP_GEN_13 Other Crops