Variable Group : Grassland

Variable Groups are used to group together closely related variables. Under the DDI each system of categories is defined as a separate variable, so for example a variable categorising ages into five year bands running up to '95 and over' is a separate variable from one giving ages to '100 and up'. However, we group these into a single Variable Group covering ages.

Variable Group (VG)
This variable group brings together the various classifications of grassland and rough grazing used over the years by the Agricultural Census. It does not include sub-divisions of rotation grasses, which are grouped under 'Crops'.

Variable Group " Grassland " is contained within:

Themes, which organise the database into broad topics:

Entity ID Entity Name
T_LAND Agriculture & Land Use

Variable Group " Grassland " contains:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_AGCEN_GRASS_GEN Agricultural Census Categories for Pasture
V_AGCEN_GRASS_S_1931 1931 Scottish Farm Census Categories for Permanent Grassland
V_AGCEN_ROUGH Agricultural Census Categories for Rough Grazing