Variable Group : Poultry

Variable Groups are used to group together closely related variables. Under the DDI each system of categories is defined as a separate variable, so for example a variable categorising ages into five year bands running up to '95 and over' is a separate variable from one giving ages to '100 and up'. However, we group these into a single Variable Group covering ages.

Variable Group (VG)
This variable group brings together classifications used with poultry by the Agricultural Census. A single Poultry' variable is used for the breakdown of the total for poultry into 'fowls' (hens), ducks, geese and turkeys, but additional variables are used for sub-divisions of fowls.

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V_AGCEN_POULTRY Agricultural Census Poultry Categories
V_AGCEN_FOWLS_1940 Agricultural Census Categories of Fowl in 1950
V_AGCEN_FOWLS_1960 Agricultural Census Categories of Fowl in 1960