Development versions of G_DATA and DDS

This section of GBHDB contains development versions of G_DATA, which is the core statistical data table which drives statistical mapping and graphing in the web site A Vision of Britain through Time, plus the tables comprising the Data Documentation System, which records the meaning of statistical data. These tables can be modified and rebuilt without affecting the operation of the public web site. NB this version of the data table links only to other tables within GBHDB and to the AUO, not to the production 'hgis' schema.

Tables within section:

g_data Derived Unified data table, holding statistics in one column plus what/when/where/source
g_data_coord Documentation Defines coordinates within the location map, linking cellRefs to categories
g_data_ent Documentation Defines all Data Documentation System entities, from databases to categories
g_data_ent_type Codebook Defines the kinds of entity permitted in the Data Documentation System
g_data_legal_rel Documentation Defines which types of DDS entities can be related to which other types.
g_data_map Documentation Defines cells within nCubes, and therefore defines cellRefs
g_data_precision Codebook Codebook defining permitted values of g_data_precision column within g_data table
g_data_rate_type Documentation Types of rate mapping, including topic-specific colour schemes
g_data_rel Documentation Defines relationships between Data Documentation System entities
g_data_status Codebook Codebook defining permitted values of g_data_status column within g_data table