Definitions of data acknowledgments, identifying the contributor, their role and condition

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G_CREDIT_ACK     (57959)
Definitions of data acknowledgments, identifying the contributor, their role and condition
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Humphrey Southall
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. Rows in this table identify specific contributions to the statistical database: who made them, what their role was, and what conditions are consequently associated with the particular data values; all of these are defined in other tables.
  2. the system is designed to enable more than one contributor to be associated with a given data value, so for example one person may have transcribed a historical source onto paper, and then a second person computerised the data. For this reason, a given credit as defined in the g_credit table may link to more then one acknowledgment as defined here.


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g_credit_ack_pk Primary key g_credit_ack


The table has the following associated constraints:

g_credit_ack_pk Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

g_credit_ack Text string (max.len.=28). Credit identifier, usually combining a contributor ID and an indication of the source; for example 'GATLEYD_age_reg' or 'DEFRA_farm'.
g_seq Integer number. Sequence number, automatically inserted.
g_credit Text string (max.len.=28). Identifier for the credit this acknowledgment forms part of, these credit values being what actually appear in the data table.
g_credit_contributor Text string (max.len.=24). Identifier for the contributor, whether an individual or an organisation..
g_credit_role Text string (max.len.=7). Role of the contributor in creating the data value linked to.
condition_for_item Text string (max.len.=104). Condition applied to individual data item.
condition_for_dataset Text string (max.len.=104). Condition applied to data set as a whole. Both conditions should be specified, the assumption being that restrictions on whole data sets will be the same as or stricter than conditions on individual data items.
ack_text Long text. Optional text going into greater detail of the contribution, intended to appear on the public web site.
notes Long text. Comments, not intended for public display.