Copy of the Vision of Britain g_text table prior to 2016 rebuild.

Table ID:
G_TEXT_2015     (58182)
Copy of the Vision of Britain g_text table prior to 2016 rebuild.
Approx. number of rows:
Table type:
Raw Data
Documentation Author:
Humphrey Southall
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. Longer term, this table should be rebuilt but for now it is being stored for re-use.


  1. This tables holds the text of both travel writers and census reports.
  2. The version in HGIS is set up to use the Postgres text indexing system, but not all parts of that system have been copied across so this is not currently a complete copy of the pre-2015 table.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
g_text_2015_pkey Primary key g_seq


The table has the following associated constraints:

g_text_2015_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index
g_text_ch_type Check (((g_text_type)::text = 'CG'::text) OR ((g_text_type)::text = 'CR'::text) OR ((g_text_type)::text = 'TT'::text))

Columns within table:

g_seq Integer number. Sequence number placing rows in order.
g_text_type Text string (max.len.=8). This has the following values:
  • CG: Text comes from the OPCS Guide to Census Reports.
  • CR: Text comes from a census report.
  • TT: Text is from a travel writer.
g_authority Text string (max.len.=44). Identifier for the source publication, as defined in auo.g_authority.
src_pub Text string (max.len.=24). Text from census reports has g_authority = 'SRC_P', and then this column has a publication identifier as defined in the src_pub table.
g_auth_note Text string (max.len.=404). Additional details of publication.
g_text_seq Integer number. Number placing the text in order within the specific publication in which it appears.
g_title Text string (max.len.=204). Title of this specific piece of text.
raw_text Long text. Raw text of a travel writer, before being pre-parsed.
g_text Long text. The text to be displayed.
idxfti tsvector [Used by Postgres text processing system]
dds_theme Text string (max.len.=40). Statistical theme as defined in the DDS, enabling us to provide links from the statistical atlas into the census reports.