Specific placename attestations within the text held in g_text_2015

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G_TEXT_LINK_2015     (58192)
Specific placename attestations within the text held in g_text_2015
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. Longer term, this table should be rebuilt but for now it is being stored for re-use.


  1. This tables holds is generated by the text parsing system, and holds links between text, specifically our travel writers, and places.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
g_text_link_2015_pkey Primary key g_authority, g_text_seq, anchor


The table has the following associated constraints:

g_text_link_2015_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

g_authority Text string (max.len.=44). Source identifier, as defined in auo.g_authority.
g_text_seq Integer number. Number identifying the text selection within g_text_2015.
anchor Integer number. Numbering of this particular place reference within the text identified by g_authority and g_text_seq, as inserted into the text by the parsing system.
g_place Integer number. Place identifier, as defined in g_place_2015.
g_role Text string (max.len.=20). Currenly unused. Intended to support a more sophisticated system for recording the function of a specific place attestation: as somewhere directly visited, as a place previously visited, or as a metaphor, for example.
g_name Text string (max.len.=404). Name for the place appearing at the anchor point in the source text.