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Greenock Burgh: Census Tables

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The statistical themes listed on the Greenock home page are based mainly on census information and show how the Scottish Burgh/District changed over time. This page gives you access to the Census Reports section of the website, which reconstructs selected original tables, but takes you straight to listings for Greenock, which may also cover lower level units within the Scottish Burgh/District.

These listings show the statistics used in the theme pages in their original context, but they sometimes also include additional statistics which we have not yet included within the themes, such as much more detailed occupational categories. This is probably part of the site to explore once you have had a good look at our statistical themes, which do more of the work for you.

Census Report Table
1881 Population of Scotland with Report: Ages, Education, Civil Condition, Birthplaces, Occupations, General Index [32]: "Occupations of Males and Females at different Ages in each of the Counties of Scotland".
1891 Ages [1]: "Ages of the Males and Females for every Quinquennial Period of Life, for the Divisions, Counties, and Civil Parishes of Scotland".
1911 County Report 22: "Occupations of males and females aged 10 years and upwards, in eleven groups of ages, and by status".
1921 County Report 1: "Population of Burghs, County Public Health Districts, and Civil Parishes of XXXXX in 1921 and in 1911".
1931 County Report 1: "Population of Burghs, Districts of Counties, and Civil Parishes".
1931 County Report 21: "Quinquennial Age-Groups and Conjugal Condition (All Ages) - All Burghs and Districts of Counties".
1931 County Report 29: "Houses : Population by Number Enumerated per Room".
1931 Reports and Tables: Occupations and Industries 16: "Industries of Males and Females in Cities, Counties, and Large Burghs".
1951 County Report 1: "Comparison of population, density per 100 acres, and houses with 1931" for "Burghs, Districts of Counties and CPs".
1951 County Report 21: "Houses: Population by number enumerated per room" for "Counties, Districts of Counties, Cities, Wards of Cities, Burghs, Districts of Counties, Landwards of Counties".
1951 County Report 26: "Household Arrangements" for "Counties, Cities, Wards of Cities, Burghs".
1951 Occupations and Industries 13: "Industry of Occupied Population by place of work" for "Cities, Counties and Large Burghs".
1951 Occupations and Industries 17: "Occupied Population classified according to 11 terminal educational ages, (a) Scotland by 9 age sections and (b) Administrative, etc. Areas by All Ages" for "".
1961 County Report 19: "Population in all Private Households by Density of occupation (persons per room)" for "County, LB, SB, Districts of County, NT".
1961 County Report 23: "Private Households by availability of certain Household Arrangements" for "County, LB, SB, Districts of County, NT".
1961 County Report 6: "Age and Martial Condition" for "County, LB, SB, Districts of County, NT".
1971 County Reports: West Lothian 25: "Enumerated households by tenure and household amenities" for "County, local authority areas".
1971 [Scottish 1971 Economic Activity Tables] 3: "Industry and status by area of workplace and sex (10% sample)" for "Planning sub-regions, cities, counties, large burghs, county remainders, conurbation centre, new towns".