nCube : Generalised Crop Acreages

nCubes hold all the statistics presented by the Vision of Britain system, and are defined as combinations of variables. For example, the age-sex tables that appear in most census reports are held as two-dimensional nCubes in which one dimension is a variable categorising sex and the other variable defines a set of age groups. nCubes can have many dimensions, such as age by sex by occupation by cause of death, or just one.

Generalised Crop Acreages
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This classification is designed to permit data from the 1801 Crop Returns to be included with data from the annual Agricultural Census from 1866 onwards. The 1801 Returns were highly simplified, and varied in what they reported from one parish to another, so in practice we can consistently identify only three individual crops (wheat, rye and potatoes) and two pairings ("Barley and Oats", and "Peas and Beans"). Everything else has to be included in "Other". The 1801 returns also provided limited geographical coverage: a great many parishes were missing from the data, and some additional parish names could not be identified, matched more than one parish within the named county, or lacked information on the county they were in. Nottinghamshire is completely missing. County totals include data for parishes that could not be identified. The national total for England includes parishes with missing county information. The national total for England is also used as the total for England and Wales, to permit the web site to present comparisons with national totals, even though the 1801 returns contain no data on Wales.

nCube " Generalised Crop Acreages " is contained within:

Themes, which organise the database into broad topics:

Entity ID Entity Name
T_LAND Agriculture & Land Use

Universes, definining what the values in datasets add up to:

Entity ID Entity Name
U_ARABLE_A Total arable area in acres

nCube " Generalised Crop Acreages " contains:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_CROP_GEN Generalised Crop Categories

Generalised Crop Acreages: Data map listing

Each of our datasets, or nCubes, combines one or more variables (Var) each of which consists of a set of categories. The data map lists all the possible combinations of categories. The cell references are the identifiers held in our main table of statistics, recording what each number measures.

Cell Reference Var Category Value
CROP_GEN:wheat 1 Wheat
CROP_GEN:b_and_o 1 Barley & Oats
CROP_GEN:rye 1 Rye
CROP_GEN:potato 1 Potatoes
CROP_GEN:p_and_b 1 Peas & Beans
CROP_GEN:other 1 Other